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So you have a question and would like to Contact Shain. If you have a question or have feedback please be precise with your question and don’t hesitate to be honest with your feedback. No job is too large or too small. If Shain is not able to take on your job, he will look for a referral for you without any hesitation. So please contact Shain and he will get back to you within 24 hours.

Contact or visit his personal website SHAINMAYER.COM

Things to consider when thinking about having your own website built.

*Brand name – LLC – Domain purchased?
*Quality photographs
*Mission statement-Direction you plan to take your website

Folks often just want a website and do not know what really goes into creating one. A project deadline is placed but they often do not have content, or delay getting the content that is needed for a website to function and look the way they want it to look. A designer can generate content but often the field of expertise relays solely on making sure the website acts and works the way it should. As well as making it look good. But the designer can not be left to develop content for your business. As well if it is a site about you and your family adventures. The designer is not along for those adventures and not part of the family. So the designer has no clue to the content about those adventures or the members of the family. So it is very important to have content and a goal before you contact Shain.

Please read up on KEY CONTENT before submitting questions. Thank you.