Shain Mayer

Shain Mayer is a born and raised Arizona boy who treasures the states and all it has to offer and see. As a visual artist since his early childhood days. Shain has found a love for being outside and finding that in which nature has to offer.

Since mid 90’s Shain has been really into Photography and part of the main reason he likes visual elements and feels images are a very important part of a website. Specializing in Landscape or natural still life photography, Shain can take great looking Photo’s even if by a cell phone camera.  He then began to pursue the Lapidary Arts in the late 90’s and launched his brand “freeformcabs‘ in early 2002. Having worked for vendors and a couple rock-shops he amassed a wealth of knowledge about gemstones and minerals.  Shain now simply cuts gemstones and sell them online through his eCommerce catalog which was the first point of learning how to build websites.

Freeformcabs had been built and rebuilt over 6 times since 2002 so Shain has learn a lot about what not to do with eCommerce and what works. But like most artist Shain is never satisfied in the end result. Which means freeformcabs will always be a in constant upgrade.

After 2004 Shain began working nights at a bakery and stuck with Bread baking during nights well into 2013. It became a passion and a love for working with his hands and being able to see the end result everyday. Shain still works as a baker for a donut shop called “Fractured Prune” these days. And continues to create homemade delights for family and friends.

Around 2007 Shain formed a band called We are Searchers. They recording 3 albums and toured around Arizona until 2012.

As of 2013 he went back to school to obtain a certificate in Web Design and Computer Applications. Shain has 1 year left in school and plans to graduate in spring of 2016. Shain is also a well accomplish Tenor Banjo player. Please visit to find learn all about Shain Mayer.

Shain Mayer