Key Content

What is “Key Content” you may ask. What should “I” the customer have to provide you the designer when a website is contracted to be created and built. Key content is the meat and potatoes of your website.  It is the bare bone information you want to communicate online to your audience. Key content is needed and prepared ideally before a website is contracted by a designer.

I want to give you some examples of what is important for a web designer to to have in hand before a website design can really take place. Now I like to have real world photos to work with but yes, I can develop static graphic images that generalize your brand or content direction.

So here is a list of Key content to pick from and think about before you are ready to have your website built. The more content you have at conception of the contract, the less delay if any will come into play when evaluating design elements for approval.

Type of content

Description of content


The basis of every website. Weather personal or professional; photos are one of the first key content aspects of every website out there. Even informational sites use photos if just for reference. You will need photos, you will need good photos. Are you selling something or just talking about something? What are the photos going to be?

mission statement

What is your website about? What is the mission or goal of your site? What should your audience expect from your brand or you want them to see the goal of your website. Define it early on. It will change I am sure but have a starting point and idea in hand ready to utilize before contacting a designer.

about information

This is further information that you will want to tell your audience who you are and some background info about you or your company.  A mission statement and about information can coalescence, but both need to be defined and ready to use as key content before contracting a website.

contact info

Contact info can be several fold depending on the role of your website. For example if you want a site for your realty office. Each agent needs their contact info listed. Maybe you want to run a forum and need a support page that houses several moderators. This falls under the same idea of contact. Have a brick and mortar location? Lets make sure your customers can find you on map programs and apps.


 This is the biggest hurdle for eCommerce websites. If you plan to have a fully loaded catalog before your website is launched. This info needs to be well defined and ready to go. That includes photos, sku#, descriptions, shipping info, and categories.