SEO Management

SEO is important and a constant aspect of website management. Search engine optimization will get your site listed and seen by your target audience. In order to work SEO into a website there needs to be content about the desired goal or product your website may be talking about. Shain is a firm believer in content driven management through constant creation of on demand content and not static “look what I am selling” content. This mean that in order for search engines to find, like, and  share your site with others. You must always be creating content with in your website.

As a website owner you need to be able to drive customer or search engines to your website daily through interaction with your target audience. This is done by creating content as often as possible to talk about you, your brand, or your products. A common mistake with eCommerce websites is constantly listing products and thinking that is content. Especially so when the product only has a couple words about it. Search engines want to see more than products. They want to see you talking about your products or cross marketing with competitors and business or platforms you visit and use for your brand or products.

Blogs are a great way to develop content no matter what people say. Simply talk about your day to day activities helps develop content search engines like to see. Interacting with your customers or marketing your brand onto social media sites or cross linking your website is also really great for your website and how well the site will be seen on a search engine.

When you contract Shain to design and build your website. SEO tweaking is done for the main pages but not the whole site. SEO management needs to be updated at least once a month to find target key words and phrases your customers are searching. Shain will give you the tools to be able to manage these key words and search terms. But it will be up to you to either contract SEO management with Shain. Or to do it yourself.

Here are a  couple great articles on SEO for beginners. Please take a look and read through it.

Please contact me for a quote on managing your website’s SEO. I will give you a fair quote on driving customers to your brand.