Website Contract

Shain Mayer has a straight forward contract for project based clients looking to have a website designed and launched.

  • Please visit the KEY CONTENT page to read more about what you need to have ready before contacting Shain about your project.

Shain will write up a project guide with set deadlines when he submits a contract to you. This project guide will show you what to expect and when to expect it to be completed. It will also layout a guide for you about content Shain will need by certain deadlines in order for your project to stay on tasks. For example. Shain does not do product photography. You as the client will need to supply Shain with you brand photos, product photos, and any photo you would like to be used on the finished website. Graphics and icons Shain will create from those photos or out of his own project files and programs he used to create graphics, logos, and icons.


website contract form to review ~Click icon Download a blank copy ~

website contract


Here is a great article talking about what to expect from a Web Designer. Please read it and tell them were you found the link. Thank you for visiting this website contract page. Please contact me with your questions.